Guess Who Got Tickets to NBC’s The Voice?

I did!

This happened all so fast. I was scoping out The Voice UK site via BBC, and it had a link about getting tickets to the tapings.

Obviously I’m not in the UK, so I couldn’t get tickets for that (sadly!). I went onto NBC’s website in search for a similar link there. Turns out NBC goes through a site called, where other shows are listed for the general public. I created a user account and searched for The Voice.

I requested two tickets for the first Season 5 Blind Auditions taping for Tuesday July 9th. I also read through all the rules and conditions, etc. Trust me, it was worth the time!

I had to wait for an email that would notify me when my ticket request would become “Available” (meaning, I am able to accept the tickets) or if they were “Sold Out.”

Well it’s a good thing I checked my email because I got great news!! I immediately logged onto my 1iota account and “Reserved” my tickets! Since I reserved them within a short amount time after my email notification, I got PRIORITY tickets. This means I will be let into the venue with the FIRST group!

Even though it stated that I still may not necessarily be in the front row (AKA right behind Adam Levine. Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton), I am still let in first! I’ll have to wake up extra early now, since I have to check-in/arrive at 7:30 am in Culver City at the Sony Studios! It will be worth it though!


I sent a picture message to my roommate letting her know that we are officially attending the show! She was absolutely ecstatic and that made me even more excited, too!

It may sound silly considering that many people have already attended these types of tapings, but this is my first time. I guess I never really took too much attention into trying. I’m glad I did now, though, because since I love the Entertainment Industry so much, this is a great opportunity to grow and learn from this. My roommate is also passionate for the industry and I’m happy she will be able to experience this with me.

Updates on the official day to come!


Monsters U

Monsters U

I went to see Disney Pixar’s Monsters University with my two brothers and sister-n-law for her birthday at the Arclight in Pasadena. I had only seen a couple trailers before and a few pictures from the tailgate party in LA (my friend is the Global Publicist for the Walt Disney Company and she posts on Instagram all the time!) I enjoyed every moment of the movie!

I think it’s really neat and creative to develop a story backwards. Since Monsters, Inc. was the first Pixar film based on Mike & Sully, the Monsters U version told the story of how they met. The film started with little Mike Wazowski in grade school and the moment he realized he wanted to grow up to be “a Scare-er.”little Mike How adorable is he!?

Mike and Sully were not the best of friends from the beginning. They gradually developed a friendship based on teamwork. I would have never guessed that! (and that’s basically what you see in Monsters, Inc.; how they work so well together!)

The film was very relate able to my college experience. From the overall look of the Monsters University campus to feeling the intensity of your very first “101” class as a freshman. The film had a pretty good interpretation of college Greek Life, as well. As a fellow Greek alumna member, I thought that was really funny because it’s alMU campusways interesting to see how films portray what college Greek life is all about. I don’t think it was represented in a bad way, though. It is Disney, after all.

Overall, there was definitely a lot of humor! I think that’s what kept the movie going smoothly. It had natural transitions. College students should definitely see this!

The Voice UK

Latest Obsession: Watching The Voice UK

Yeah, I’m not afraid to admit it! As much as I enjoy watching The Voice on NBC, (thanks to my roommate who DVR’s every series) I had to do some research about what the show was really about. I watched The Voice YouTube channel and my recommended videos section had a video with the headline:

“The Voice UK Coaches Take On Each Other’s Hits- The Voice UK Live Finals – BBC”

Wait… what? I was shocked from seeing “UK” and “Take On Each Other’s Hits”

Firstly, “UK” was obviously for the United Kingdom (duh) and that was a big shocker because I didn’t realize The Voice was also in other country’s. That’s very silly of me, I know.

Secondly, I was extremely intrigued to find out who the coaches would be in the UK and most importantly.. how were the accents going to sound like!?

Lastly, “take on each other’s hits”… well, that’s just amazing because I have never heard or seen anything like that with The Voice on NBC.

So I clicked on the link and I was in awe throughout the entire video.

I was… absolutely.. impressed!

Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, and, my personal favorite, Danny O’ Donoghue (Irish frontman of The Script; AKA my favorite band at the moment) are the coaches! If that doesn’t already catch your attention, consider the fact that they all performed each other’s hit singles. Jessie J sang Sir Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” and he later on sang along with her. It then transitioned to Sir Tom Jones performing “Breakeven” by The Script where Danny O’Donoghue and Jessie J sang along as well. sang “Price Tag” with Jessie J, which changed into “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas. The coaches all joined in after that and sang together to close the mix. The performance was very well done! I’ll definitely be sharing this video/song to all my friends.

The-Voice-Uk-CoachesAfter watching the video at least 3 times, I began viewing full episodes of the series! Yeah, I thought it was that good! It’s all about Team DANNY!

Honestly, I can’t get enough. I may be late in the game, since it started last year in 2012 but I’m just looking forward to seeing what’s next. The concept of the series is already intriguing on its own. You know, with coaches choosing team members based only on the sound of their voice and all that. Well, the UK coaches have a mixture of humor, flirtatious moments, friendly competition, and some great accents! It may sound like the U.S. version.. but.. You just have to watch to see the difference!


I went onto YouTube to search for a video and the homepage featured one of my FAVORITE songs from The Script.

The latest album, titled #3, is their best yet!   the script #3

“Millionaires” is an amazing song that reflects a lot about how life feels when you are having a good time with your friends.

This song shows a lot of Danny O’Donoghue’s talent in singing and songwriting. I definitely love songs that capture an audience’s attention because it can relate to so many people.

Don’t you remember a good time you had with your friends? Your boyfriend or girlfriend?

I remember my middle school years were spent going to the local movie theater and running around the outlet mall with my closest friends. We felt young, wild and free and not afraid to show it. Even though this was what we mostly did with our free time, the fact that my friends and I were all together sharing laughs and stories was what I hold close to my heart. I definitely appreciate the little things in life and this is how this song makes me feel. Nostalgic in the best way.

Although you don’t really see the band in this music video until the very end, I think it was great considering the story went along with the lyrics. The actors did well in portraying the careless feeling  you get when you are simply having a good time with all your friends.

The chorus says it all:

“Singing our hearts out, standing on chairs; spending our times like we were millionaires.

Laughing our heads off, the two of us there.

Spending our time like we were millionaires.”

O’Donoghue’s soft voice is filled with emotion that, I believe, is what brings in listeners into the narrative of the song. It definitely lured me in, because this is now one of my favorite songs!

Good Tunes, Good Times

There’s just something about blasting music and packing things up at the same time. There’s just something about listening to good music REALLY loud, period. It’s definitely a mood booster!

The Script, Parachute, Jessie J and some Pitch Perfect tracks were simply perfect. Needless to say, I packed up my room and the entire kitchen within two hours! Time was flying by!

The best part: live audio tracks. I have a lot of live versions of songs that I have heard from concerts or that come along deluxe edition albums. My favorite are from The Script: Homecoming Live at the Aviva Stadium because the crowd sings along so loud that I got the little hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. It just sounded so cool!

the script aviva twitter pic

It felt as if I was a part of the 60,000+ crowd in Dublin! At that moment, my soon to be old-apartment-living-room was my very own live stadium-filled rock concert and I was front row.

Gotta LOVE the power of music! (& Danny O’Donoghue)

Man of Steel US (NY) Premiere

My eagerness to see Man of Steel in theaters grew exponentially after watching this clip of the US World Premiere of Man of Steel in New York. My brothers (I have four to be exact) have had non-stop information about how amazing the movie is going to be. Our group iMessage texts can definitely prove that! Their anticipation and excitement only made me feel the same way.

I’ve seen the other Superman movies and I’m not gonna lie… this one looks like it’s going to knock all the rest down. The trailers, alone, are amazing!

I’ll definitely have to get tickets ASAP. I expect nothing but great things to see! That includes “Clark Kent/Superman” actor Henry Cavill… I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?!

man of steel henry cavill

Disney Schedules Two Untitled Marvel Movies for 2016 and 2017


Disney keeps the entertainment going! Wasn’t Iron Man 3 their most recent, biggest hit? Guess that was simply motivation to keep the work moving into the future. As always, though, I’m excited to see what these two “untitled” Marvel movies will be. Great job, Disney… for the suspense! I wonder what my friend at The Walt Disney Company (Burbank) has to say about this?

Shocked by Selena

selena come and get it

My roommate was playing an edgy, yet tribal-like catchy song today. She told me it was the new single “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez. I’m not normally too big of a fan, but I didn’t recognize her voice. I also couldn’t believe that I actually liked the song! 
So I had to do some investigating, of course. Turns out her single is on the top 10 of the Billboard Top 100 this week. I was simply astonished! What happened to the once Disney channel star!?
The “Come and Get It” music video definitely shows her growth into a young, strong and beautiful young artist. It’s a pretty awesome transformation. Good for her! 

2013 Tony Awards Opening

The 67th Annual Tony Awards on CBS June 9, 2013 left me in awe. All I could think was.. WOW.

I was immediately drawn into the show. Not only because Neil Patrick Harris (famous Broadway star and well-known from CBS’ TV series How I Met Your Mother) hosted the award show, but because the show had so much live entertainment. I saw a lot of young talent and familiar actors in scenes performed throughout the show. Not to mention celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrik, Scarlett Johanssen, and, my personal favorite right now, Zachary Quinto were among the Tony Award presenters. How could I not be intrigued to watch? The ratings proved the night was a success with record breaking results showing a larger audience since 2009. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out this unforgettable opening number!

For the love of entertainment

I absolutely love anything and everything about movies, music and photography. I sometimes put myself inside of my own story. I am a character within a dramatic, sad, challenging – yet humorous production. Living in Southern California, and specifically near Los Angeles, it’s impossible to stay away from what seems glamorous and exhilarating. Something is always happening. There’s always “buzz” about the newest box office hit or the most popular hit single on the billboard charts. I particularly enjoy admiring the entertainment world, but hope to one day be a part of it. I often wonder what the world would be like without entertainment… LA wouldn’t be the city it is now. Consider it a passion, I suppose.