Guess Who Got Tickets to NBC’s The Voice?

I did!

This happened all so fast. I was scoping out The Voice UK site via BBC, and it had a link about getting tickets to the tapings.

Obviously I’m not in the UK, so I couldn’t get tickets for that (sadly!). I went onto NBC’s website in search for a similar link there. Turns out NBC goes through a site called, where other shows are listed for the general public. I created a user account and searched for The Voice.

I requested two tickets for the first Season 5 Blind Auditions taping for Tuesday July 9th. I also read through all the rules and conditions, etc. Trust me, it was worth the time!

I had to wait for an email that would notify me when my ticket request would become “Available” (meaning, I am able to accept the tickets) or if they were “Sold Out.”

Well it’s a good thing I checked my email because I got great news!! I immediately logged onto my 1iota account and “Reserved” my tickets! Since I reserved them within a short amount time after my email notification, I got PRIORITY tickets. This means I will be let into the venue with the FIRST group!

Even though it stated that I still may not necessarily be in the front row (AKA right behind Adam Levine. Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton), I am still let in first! I’ll have to wake up extra early now, since I have to check-in/arrive at 7:30 am in Culver City at the Sony Studios! It will be worth it though!


I sent a picture message to my roommate letting her know that we are officially attending the show! She was absolutely ecstatic and that made me even more excited, too!

It may sound silly considering that many people have already attended these types of tapings, but this is my first time. I guess I never really took too much attention into trying. I’m glad I did now, though, because since I love the Entertainment Industry so much, this is a great opportunity to grow and learn from this. My roommate is also passionate for the industry and I’m happy she will be able to experience this with me.

Updates on the official day to come!


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