Parachute – Overnight

parachute overnight

Parachute is definitely on my top pop rock artists and I was excited to purchase the new album: Overnight. To be completely honest, the second album, The Way It Was, is still my favorite! I wasn’t expecting Overnight to sound so “poppy” considering The Way It Was had slower, yet catchy, melody’s. 

I kept up with Parachute on Instagram and Twitter throughout the new album promo hype. They did an amazing job getting the excitement and anticipation out for many fans. I particularly liked how they would post a shot of a line of lyrics and compare it to a similar song they had in the past. I looked forward to listening to the new songs because I had a sense of what was similar to songs before.

Since I really liked “She Is Love” and “Kiss Me Slowly,” I also like “The Other Side.” (Like Parachute said I would!) It’s a new favorite, alongside “Can’t Help” and “Disappear.” I will say, though, that I love the album theme. It absolutely blends well with the songs and the album appearance. It’s obviously about Overnight.

I’ll keep replaying the album, though. It’s not that I’m complaining; I’m just trying to grasp the new angle that Parachute was trying to move onto. I suppose when I find something good once, it’s like my expectations are set higher for what may come next. So, maybe I simply set myself up for this one. Sorry Parachute!! Still love you guys! (and Will Anderson.. your vocals, of course!)

Check them out on iTunes !


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