Oz is for Oscar


With the recent DVD release of Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful, I went to my local Redbox to see what it was all about. (Finally!) I wasn’t able to see if when it came out in theaters but I always intended to watch it. Few of my friends said it was great, others said it was horrible. Well I can say it was sort of both?

The beginning was in black and white. I thought setting was wrong with my screen for a while! But it was good to get a background on James Franco’s character, Oscar or “Oz” for short.

Oz-Franco-Kunis-Emerald-CityHe got caught in a tornado that took him to the Land of Oz, which had similarities to Alice in Wonderland (with Johnny Depp). For example, the “land” of Oz had the same majestical vibe as with Wonderland. It was like a “wonderland,” but for Oz. Either way, it looked very cool! I liked the way the yellow brick road and Emerald City were CGI’d. I was shocked to find out that Mila Kunis became the Wicked Witch. She looked so creepy! (But in a really cool way!)

At times, the story line felt dragged out with long close-ups. But overall, it was a good movie. Not “The best movie ever” but it was simply fine. It took me back in time when I saw the original Wizard of Oz. Although this film was a prequel, nothing will ever beat the original!


Can’t Repeat the Past?

Why, of course, you can.

I know The Great Gatsby hype has dwelled down BUT it still lives on as fabulous as the costumes and glamour when I first saw it on its midnight premiere. So in honor of Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and all the glitz and glam in this amazing movie, I am bringing back the past.

The Great Gatsby was such a big success (although, not as successful as it originally planned). I still enjoyed the movie very much. It was very creative considering it took place in the roaring 20’s, but with a modern twist. the-great-gatsby-soundtrack

By modern, I am referring to the film’s music choice. It was mostly produced by Jay-Z. (Doesn’t that say a lot already?) As this motion picture’s soundtrack played on my iTunes library, I got to thinking about its uniqueness.

My fellow Millennial’s responded very positively with all the modern music that was mixed into the emotion and action in the movie. Take Will.i.am’s “Bang Bang” for example. It was extremely catchy! It was very difficult not to dance along as we saw all the wealthy party go-ers do what they do best at Gatsby’s extravagant parties. It only made me want to be there with the crowd!

So as I listened to “Into the Past” by Nero, I realized that I definitely would not correlate this song with The Great Gatsby. But that’s what I liked about it. About the movie and the music production, overall.

I like “different” and this soundtrack is exactly that. Check out the tracks (if you haven’t already) on iTunes here.

Monsters U

Monsters U

I went to see Disney Pixar’s Monsters University with my two brothers and sister-n-law for her birthday at the Arclight in Pasadena. I had only seen a couple trailers before and a few pictures from the tailgate party in LA (my friend is the Global Publicist for the Walt Disney Company and she posts on Instagram all the time!) I enjoyed every moment of the movie!

I think it’s really neat and creative to develop a story backwards. Since Monsters, Inc. was the first Pixar film based on Mike & Sully, the Monsters U version told the story of how they met. The film started with little Mike Wazowski in grade school and the moment he realized he wanted to grow up to be “a Scare-er.”little Mike How adorable is he!?

Mike and Sully were not the best of friends from the beginning. They gradually developed a friendship based on teamwork. I would have never guessed that! (and that’s basically what you see in Monsters, Inc.; how they work so well together!)

The film was very relate able to my college experience. From the overall look of the Monsters University campus to feeling the intensity of your very first “101” class as a freshman. The film had a pretty good interpretation of college Greek Life, as well. As a fellow Greek alumna member, I thought that was really funny because it’s alMU campusways interesting to see how films portray what college Greek life is all about. I don’t think it was represented in a bad way, though. It is Disney, after all.

Overall, there was definitely a lot of humor! I think that’s what kept the movie going smoothly. It had natural transitions. College students should definitely see this!

Man of Steel US (NY) Premiere

My eagerness to see Man of Steel in theaters grew exponentially after watching this clip of the US World Premiere of Man of Steel in New York. My brothers (I have four to be exact) have had non-stop information about how amazing the movie is going to be. Our group iMessage texts can definitely prove that! Their anticipation and excitement only made me feel the same way.

I’ve seen the other Superman movies and I’m not gonna lie… this one looks like it’s going to knock all the rest down. The trailers, alone, are amazing!

I’ll definitely have to get tickets ASAP. I expect nothing but great things to see! That includes “Clark Kent/Superman” actor Henry Cavill… I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?!

man of steel henry cavill

2013 Tony Awards Opening

The 67th Annual Tony Awards on CBS June 9, 2013 left me in awe. All I could think was.. WOW.

I was immediately drawn into the show. Not only because Neil Patrick Harris (famous Broadway star and well-known from CBS’ TV series How I Met Your Mother) hosted the award show, but because the show had so much live entertainment. I saw a lot of young talent and familiar actors in scenes performed throughout the show. Not to mention celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrik, Scarlett Johanssen, and, my personal favorite right now, Zachary Quinto were among the Tony Award presenters. How could I not be intrigued to watch? The ratings proved the night was a success with record breaking results showing a larger audience since 2009. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out this unforgettable opening number!