The Voice UK

Latest Obsession: Watching The Voice UK

Yeah, I’m not afraid to admit it! As much as I enjoy watching The Voice on NBC, (thanks to my roommate who DVR’s every series) I had to do some research about what the show was really about. I watched The Voice YouTube channel and my recommended videos section had a video with the headline:

“The Voice UK Coaches Take On Each Other’s Hits- The Voice UK Live Finals – BBC”

Wait… what? I was shocked from seeing “UK” and “Take On Each Other’s Hits”

Firstly, “UK” was obviously for the United Kingdom (duh) and that was a big shocker because I didn’t realize The Voice was also in other country’s. That’s very silly of me, I know.

Secondly, I was extremely intrigued to find out who the coaches would be in the UK and most importantly.. how were the accents going to sound like!?

Lastly, “take on each other’s hits”… well, that’s just amazing because I have never heard or seen anything like that with The Voice on NBC.

So I clicked on the link and I was in awe throughout the entire video.

I was… absolutely.. impressed!

Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, and, my personal favorite, Danny O’ Donoghue (Irish frontman of The Script; AKA my favorite band at the moment) are the coaches! If that doesn’t already catch your attention, consider the fact that they all performed each other’s hit singles. Jessie J sang Sir Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” and he later on sang along with her. It then transitioned to Sir Tom Jones performing “Breakeven” by The Script where Danny O’Donoghue and Jessie J sang along as well. sang “Price Tag” with Jessie J, which changed into “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas. The coaches all joined in after that and sang together to close the mix. The performance was very well done! I’ll definitely be sharing this video/song to all my friends.

The-Voice-Uk-CoachesAfter watching the video at least 3 times, I began viewing full episodes of the series! Yeah, I thought it was that good! It’s all about Team DANNY!

Honestly, I can’t get enough. I may be late in the game, since it started last year in 2012 but I’m just looking forward to seeing what’s next. The concept of the series is already intriguing on its own. You know, with coaches choosing team members based only on the sound of their voice and all that. Well, the UK coaches have a mixture of humor, flirtatious moments, friendly competition, and some great accents! It may sound like the U.S. version.. but.. You just have to watch to see the difference!