Can’t Repeat the Past?

Why, of course, you can.

I know The Great Gatsby hype has dwelled down BUT it still lives on as fabulous as the costumes and glamour when I first saw it on its midnight premiere. So in honor of Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and all the glitz and glam in this amazing movie, I am bringing back the past.

The Great Gatsby was such a big success (although, not as successful as it originally planned). I still enjoyed the movie very much. It was very creative considering it took place in the roaring 20’s, but with a modern twist. the-great-gatsby-soundtrack

By modern, I am referring to the film’s music choice. It was mostly produced by Jay-Z. (Doesn’t that say a lot already?) As this motion picture’s soundtrack played on my iTunes library, I got to thinking about its uniqueness.

My fellow Millennial’s responded very positively with all the modern music that was mixed into the emotion and action in the movie. Take’s “Bang Bang” for example. It was extremely catchy! It was very difficult not to dance along as we saw all the wealthy party go-ers do what they do best at Gatsby’s extravagant parties. It only made me want to be there with the crowd!

So as I listened to “Into the Past” by Nero, I realized that I definitely would not correlate this song with The Great Gatsby. But that’s what I liked about it. About the movie and the music production, overall.

I like “different” and this soundtrack is exactly that. Check out the tracks (if you haven’t already) on iTunes here.