Oz is for Oscar


With the recent DVD release of Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful, I went to my local Redbox to see what it was all about. (Finally!) I wasn’t able to see if when it came out in theaters but I always intended to watch it. Few of my friends said it was great, others said it was horrible. Well I can say it was sort of both?

The beginning was in black and white. I thought setting was wrong with my screen for a while! But it was good to get a background on James Franco’s character, Oscar or “Oz” for short.

Oz-Franco-Kunis-Emerald-CityHe got caught in a tornado that took him to the Land of Oz, which had similarities to Alice in Wonderland (with Johnny Depp). For example, the “land” of Oz had the same majestical vibe as with Wonderland. It was like a “wonderland,” but for Oz. Either way, it looked very cool! I liked the way the yellow brick road and Emerald City were CGI’d. I was shocked to find out that Mila Kunis became the Wicked Witch. She looked so creepy! (But in a really cool way!)

At times, the story line felt dragged out with long close-ups. But overall, it was a good movie. Not “The best movie ever” but it was simply fine. It took me back in time when I saw the original Wizard of Oz. Although this film was a prequel, nothing will ever beat the original!