I went onto YouTube to search for a video and the homepage featured one of my FAVORITE songs from The Script.

The latest album, titled #3, is their best yet!   the script #3

“Millionaires” is an amazing song that reflects a lot about how life feels when you are having a good time with your friends.

This song shows a lot of Danny O’Donoghue’s talent in singing and songwriting. I definitely love songs that capture an audience’s attention because it can relate to so many people.

Don’t you remember a good time you had with your friends? Your boyfriend or girlfriend?

I remember my middle school years were spent going to the local movie theater and running around the outlet mall with my closest friends. We felt young, wild and free and not afraid to show it. Even though this was what we mostly did with our free time, the fact that my friends and I were all together sharing laughs and stories was what I hold close to my heart. I definitely appreciate the little things in life and this is how this song makes me feel. Nostalgic in the best way.

Although you don’t really see the band in this music video until the very end, I think it was great considering the story went along with the lyrics. The actors did well in portraying the careless feeling  you get when you are simply having a good time with all your friends.

The chorus says it all:

“Singing our hearts out, standing on chairs; spending our times like we were millionaires.

Laughing our heads off, the two of us there.

Spending our time like we were millionaires.”

O’Donoghue’s soft voice is filled with emotion that, I believe, is what brings in listeners into the narrative of the song. It definitely lured me in, because this is now one of my favorite songs!


Good Tunes, Good Times

There’s just something about blasting music and packing things up at the same time. There’s just something about listening to good music REALLY loud, period. It’s definitely a mood booster!

The Script, Parachute, Jessie J and some Pitch Perfect tracks were simply perfect. Needless to say, I packed up my room and the entire kitchen within two hours! Time was flying by!

The best part: live audio tracks. I have a lot of live versions of songs that I have heard from concerts or that come along deluxe edition albums. My favorite are from The Script: Homecoming Live at the Aviva Stadium because the crowd sings along so loud that I got the little hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. It just sounded so cool!

the script aviva twitter pic

It felt as if I was a part of the 60,000+ crowd in Dublin! At that moment, my soon to be old-apartment-living-room was my very own live stadium-filled rock concert and I was front row.

Gotta LOVE the power of music! (& Danny O’Donoghue)